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Ningbo Beilun Ruiyi Hardware Co.,Ltd
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Ningbo Beilun Ruiyi Hardware company is one of the most excellent fastener suppliers in china. We devote to meet customers’ needs to provide a variety range of high quality products.

Since we founded our company,we recognized our customers’ benefit should be priority. Based on this spirit, we focused to help customers out of problems they encountered during producing process and provided technical solutions. Because we understand that what really matters is high quality,so we attended ISO-9001(2000). With our efforts,clients are satisfied with us.


We have a large range of products,including bolts、screws、nuts、washers、self-drilling screws、rivets with different materials such as A2-70/A4-70/A4-80 and different strength. Nominal diameter range can be M0.6—M100,or1#—4”. We own factories in Suzhou and Ningbo producing stainless steel and carbon steel fasteners used in industry.


Our spirit:provide visible and invisible value for customers

Our commitment:deliver high quality products as soon as possible

Our advantage:a variety kinds of products,high quality,reasonable price,distributors all over the country to offer service

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